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Snapper Fishing Charters Port Phillip Bay  Victoria

Fishing for the mighty BIG RED


If your fish of choice is the BIG red snapper then look no further than Red Hot Fishing Charters. Come aboard Red Hot Fishing Charters for a great days fishing for snapper in the famous Port Phillip Bay.


Your skipper Simon Rinaldi has over 30 years experience fishing in the bay, with all of his experience it makes Simon one of the most successful charter operators in and around Port Phillip Bay.



Fishing for BlueFin Tuna and albacore tuna in the southen ocean at Portland victoria.


If catching the mighty BLUEFIN TUNA AND ALBACORE TUNA  is a dream of yours then FISHING  aboard PORTLAND RED HOT FISHING CHARTERS is the place to make your dream a reality.CAPTAIN SIMON RINALDI  has been catching SOUTHEN BLUEFIN TUNA AND ALBACORE TUNA  since he was 12 years old and knows what it takes to get you catching the BLUEFIN TUNA AND ALBACORE TUNA  of your dreams.


In recent times Simon has caught BLUEFIN TUNA at PORTLAND that weigh 138kg,101kg, 100.3kg, 114kg, 81 kg so when the big fish are around no other CHARTER BOAT  has been able to match the skill's and results of RED HOT FISHING CHARTERS. CAPTAIN simon even put his clients on to the the winning TUNA in the 2010 PORTLAND TUNA FISHING comp and won the competition with a 100.3 kg BLUEFIN TUNA simon knows what it  takes to have his clients catch consistant results on the big "BARRELS" and knows the local PORTLAND waters like no other. Don't wait for another PORTLAND BLUEFIN TUNA AND ALBACORE TUNA  season to pass you by BOOK NOW and live your dream.

Dont wast your hard earnt money fishing on old clapped out charter boats that take 3 hours to get to the tuna grounds come aboard RED HOT FISHING CHARTERS that is a new vessel  and is in current 2c / 2d survey with the marine board of victoria and is licenced to travel to the continetal shelf off portland skipper simon is also licenced to travel to the shelf as he holds a current MASTER 5 / SKIPPER LEVEL 3 AND MED 3 AND HOLDS A CURRENT LEVEL 2 IN FIRST AID. simon has grown up fishing in the ocean all around australia and has a very good knowlege of weather conditions as he has also been surfing for 25 years so he knows the oceans very well so you know you are in safe hands with skipper simon rinaldi.



Mako Fishing Charters - Bass Straight / Portland/ tuna fishing charters/ portland victoria/ southen ocean

Fishing for the Mighty Mako

The mighty Mako shark's streamlined features give it the ability to jump 15 foot into the air and glide through the water gracefully. It's no wonder these awesome sharks are the ultimate game fish to catch.


Your skipper Simon Rinaldi has been catching these beautiful sharks since age 10 - Bass Straight is where it all started for Simon. Catching Mako Sharks has always been his passion 'You just never know what their next move is going to be'. I have caught Makos up-to 205kg and released some that probably weighed as much as 400kg. If it's a mighty Mako Shark you are after, look no further than Red Hot Fishing Charters. 


western port whiting charters


depature hastings public boat ramps

time 5 am to 10 am

        10 am to 3 pm

         3 pm to 8 pm

  7 days a week

max 6 people

min people 4

cost $125 per person.


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