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Date posted: 07-07-2017


PORTLAND TUNA FISHING CHARTERS Our 2017 TUNA season has been yet another fantastic one with plenty of tuna once again this season,we will still be offering TUNA FISHING CHARTERS OUT OF PORTLAND until late September the Big Barrel Bluefin Tuna have shown up the past 2 seasons in early July and have run through until October so plenty of time left in this season to get your tuna fix call Simon to get you BIG BLUE FIN TUNA CHARTER booked in. 0409188751. Mid week discount applies for multiple days booked. ......


Well what an outstanding April and May we have had we have notched up 500 BLUEFIN TUNA ALL READY

Date posted: 28-05-2017


A great season on the portland Tuna and we are only halfway through the season and we have already notched up 500 tuna between both our boats. The blue fin tuna are in nice and close so this means great things it allows for more actual fishing time and much less travel time and also we burn much less fuel each day so we are passing the savings onto our loyal customers from June 1st you can book a tuna fishing charter mid week for $250 PER PERSON A SAVING OF $50 PER PERSON. BOOK FOR GROUPS OF 6.AND PAY $1,500 $300 SAVING. CALL SIMON TO DISCUSS DISCOUNTED RATES AND BOOKING AVAILABILITY 0409188751. ...




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