Mako Fishing Charters

The mighty Mako shark's streamlined features give it the ability to jump 15 foot into the air and glide through the water gracefully. It's no wonder these awesome sharks are the ultimate game fish to catch.

Your skipper Simon Rinaldi has been catching these beautiful sharks since age 10 - Bass Straight is where it all started for Simon. Catching Mako Sharks has always been his passion 'You just never know what their next move is going to be'. I have caught Makos up-to 205kg and released some that probably weighed as much as 400kg. If it's a mighty Mako Shark you are after, look no further than Red Hot Fishing Charters.

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Book now!

Booking Info

Time: All Day
Prices: $300 per person
Max number of people: 5
Season: December - June
Launch From: San Remo Jetty or Portland Public Boat Ramp (Victoria)